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“We operate long-term assets and businesses across the globe. This approach dictates both our investment strategy and our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. We believe that value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals. Throughout our operations, we are committed to practices that have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.”

As a potential investor in the company, the company takes you to one month vacation to any country of your choice.


We make it easy


We provide agile frameworks to ensure accurate market forecast for high level trading. Iterative approaches to corporate business and organization.


Organically grow increased cash flow in a world of disruptive innovation via organized workplace, diversity and female empowerment.


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure raising funds for proactive domination. At the end of the day.


Capitalize on our innovative ideas to plan strategically and identify opportunities to grow our businesses and our community.


We are able to truly budget accounting on our businesses and companies we manage to decrease loss and increase profit.


We identify a robust target market when investing, as this is an essential tool in generating profit and reducing loss.

A strong governance framework
We are always working to maintain sound governance practices to ensure ongoing investor confidence. This involves a continual review of how evolving legislation, guidelines and best practices should be reflected in our approach. For example, we have a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, including facilitation payments, and all AssetsVista employees are mandated to complete an in-depth anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) training seminar annually. AssetsVista  maintains its ethics hotline to report suspected unethical, illegal or unsafe behavior.

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We believe in long-term, strategic partnership, built on trust and driven by core values.


We maintain the highest personal and corporate ethics through honesty and fair dealing.


We are dedicated to a true partnership with our management teams, our colleagues, our investors, and all others who help us achieve our mission.


We aim to be respectful in all of our interactions.

Long Term.

Our focus is always on the long-term best interests of the companies and investors we serve.


We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity.

Human Capital.

We seek to continuously build human capital.

Hard Work.

Our success is grounded in hard work and rigorous analysis.


We enjoy our work and the relationships that come from it.

Giving Back.

We hope to make the world a better place by giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Financial product & services

Stay on your path to financial confidence

Driving tomorrow's economy with renewable power

Energy Transition, in particular, draws on our leadership in next-generation energy coverage and also complements our long-standing expertise in traditional energy.

Private Wealth Management

Focused specifically on the needs of entrepreneurs, executives, families and family offices, we help you protect and grow your assets, enhance your lifestyle and create an enduring legacy.

Health care solutions

AssetsVista strives to outperform as the health care destination for capital markets solutions,

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This partnership aims to fill a gap in the traditional financial system that has left many without access to essential banking products. According to a 2017 survey by the FDIC, 25 percent of U.S and UK households are unbanked or underbanked, while global numbers have reached a staggering 1.7 billion, according to data released by the World Bank. Through our Card, AssetsVista investors can have a virtual card issued to them while a physical card is mailed to them. The card has a minimum of $5,000 balance needed. It can be used at over 45 million merchants and ATMs – anywhere in the world where major credit cards are accepted.

Referral Program

We offer an enlarged partnership program to the most active investors with the sum of
investments 10% Referral Commission on all plans
Referral Commission 10%
We offer a partnership program.
To take part in this partnership program you are not obliged to make a deposit.
Referral Commission 10%

We generate our best investment ideas with high conviction, investing across dynamic markets around the globe.

Our research combines multiple inputs, applying quantitative and qualitative criteria to individual securities, resulting in highly selective portfolios designed to perform over the long term.

Our long-tenured Investment Team serves as thought partner to management teams.

The Resources Group is a team of functional and strategy experts who are full-time American Securities colleagues available upon a CEO’s request.


Strategic planning, growth studies, market/competitive analyses, and data science


Acquisition integration, continuous improvement, supply chain, and project management

Human Capital

Recruiting, organizational development, and talent management

Information Technology

ERP system implementation, IT strategy and design

Financial Performance

Business intelligence, capital markets transactions, and CFO support

Commercial Excellence

Pricing and salesforce excellence

China Office

Asia-Pacific strategy and operations

Financial Performance

Business intelligence, capital markets transactions, and CFO support

Commercial Excellence

Pricing and salesforce excellence

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Working with portfolio companies

We strive to be a partner to our companies as they face a complex future. Working with our portfolio companies to identify opportunities, we aim to support their processes, programs, and policies in creating sustainable value while generating financial returns. We share relevant best practices and benchmarks as well as provide connections to trusted experts and tested tools to drive progress.

Create a brighter Future together

Our new purpose defines who we are, who our stakeholders are, and the impact we want to have in the world. It’s an evolution. It builds on our legacy and better reflects how we serve the needs of our customers, employees, partners and society

Leading Companies

Scale industry players that are growing market share

Attractive Industries

Secular tailwinds with long-term demand

Experienced Management

Partner with proven managers who make personally meaningful equity investments with us

What does ESG mean to AssetsVista?

Being a global asset management organization comes with important responsibilities. With thousands of employees serving investors globally, we recognize that our activities can have an exceptionally  significant impact. We seek to be at the forefront of anticipating and adapting to change to deliver long-term market-leading, risk-adjusted returns to our clients. That commitment includes a focus on managing our business and clients’ assets in support of long-term sustainable business practices in line with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Defining ESG

AssetsVista Private Equity

Our private equity provides active asset management solutions to help clients meet their investment objectives

Over the past 10 years, our global investment teams have developed a wide range of product solutions to address clients’ varied and evolving needs. From core and multi-sector investing to more focused mandates.

At this moment, a palpable shift is underway. The path forward diverges from the one that brought us here. Our previous habits are inadequate for shaping a brighter future. Merely substituting shattered elements with more broken ones is neither a viable business approach nor a sustainable way of life. Most importantly, once our planet is lost, reclamation becomes impossible. Change is imperative, a truth both evident to people and acknowledged by us.

Considering Climate at AssetsVista

The world is increasingly understanding that climate change poses a global challenge. AssetsVista has a responsibility to harness our resources to help meet that challenge

Your goals are individual. We believe financial advice should be too.